JEKYLL WOOD is a Guitarist, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist.

But also Author, Composer and Performer.

He offers to take you on an inner road trip to the frontiers of chill-rock, pop-progressive and electro-folk acoustic, with intimate and powerful lyrics, ambitious compositions with a delicate groove and a masterful work on the arrangements which are now his signature.

The meeting point between John Mayer, Steven Wilson and Ben Howard…

His future triptych album | One day out of the cave | will be released in 2024. It will be the reunion of 3 EPs.

| Smokescreen, the first of the series, was released last year. The first chapter was released last year to great critical acclaim and was played on over 265 radio stations in 21 countries. It marked the beginning of the road trip, the first jump into the void.

| The 2nd EP, Blinding Fog, is currently being recorded. The Doll » is the first single, « On the Corner » the second, and « Cliché » the third…

| Away from the Clouds, the 3rd EP will conclude the album in 2024.


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« Heady electro pop tracks designed to be hits like John BUTLER, Charlie WINSTON or MUSE »

Christian Panvert / FRANCE INTER

« What a discovery! Finally a French artist who sounds like the English!

Emilie Mazoyer / EUROPE 1

« For a first try, a real masterpiece! To be listened to without moderation. »

Xavier-Antoine Martin / LONGUEUR D’ONDES

« Between vintage rock and classy pop, an astonishing concentrate of ultramodern sounds, flirting with the coldness of electro and the classicism of compositions drawn from an irreproachable know-how.


| 350 | the number of concerts in France, Switzerland and England since the beginning of the project.
| 1 | the number of opening acts for Lenny Kravitz and Keziah Jones!
| 4 | the number of albums released: 1 album, 2 E.P and 1 Live DVD.
| 315 | the number of radio stations that played tracks from the latest « Smokescreen » EP
| 23 | the number of countries in which these tracks have been played around the world.
| 600,000 | number of listens to the latest EP on Spotify.
| 7,000 | the number of subscribers to his Facebook page.