YES, JEKYLL WOOD’s show is amazing.
YES, he is alone on stage but it looks like a real band.
YES, he sings and loops in real time all the instruments.
YES, the show is perfected, the sound is optimized, the light is set.

But NO, this is not the main thing. The essential is elsewhere.

In his lyrics. Intimist and powerful.

In his compositions. Melancholic and groovy.

In his work of goldsmith on the arrangements. Virtuoso and limpid.

An interior road trip on the borders of chill-rock, progressive pop and acoustic electro folk.

The meeting between John Mayer, Steven Wilson, Ben Howard and Sting

After more than 350 concerts, including opening acts for Lenny Kravitz and Keziah Jones, JEKYLL WOOD can’t wait to get back on the road to defend the tracks from his 2 new EPs « Smokescreen » and « Blinding Fog« .

| 350 | concerts in France, Switzerland  and England since the beginning of the project.

| 1 | the number of opening acts for Lenny Kravitz !

| 5 | the number of opuses released: 1 album, 3 E.P and 1 DVD Live.

| 315 | the number of radios that played tracks from the last EPs

| 23 | the number of countries in which these tracks have been broadcasted in the world.

| 700.000 | the number of listens of the last EP on Spotify.

| 7400 | the number of subscribers of his Facebook page.




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« Heady electro pop tracks made to become hits like John BUTLER, Charlie WINSTON, MUSE or General Electriks »

Christian Panvert / FRANCE INTER

« What a discovery! Finally a French artist who sounds like the English! »

Emilie Mazoyer / EUROPE 1

« For a first try, a real master stroke! To listen without moderation. »

Xavier-Antoine Martin / LONGUEUR D’ONDES

« Between vintage rock and classy pop, an amazing concentrate of ultramodern sounds, flirting with the coldness of electro and the classicism of compositions drawn from an impeccable know-how. »


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