Lya Mendes makes music.

At night, in her bathroom.

Under the name of Lya! She is Parisian. And independent.

She recorded her first solo EP during the confinement at Alias studio with the producer Bert Poncet of the band, « Chunk No, Captain Chunk! »

5 tracks between pop and punk, melodic and punchy, reminding us of the Rock energy of the 2000’s, the meeting between Billie Eilish and Foo Fighters…

The playlisters and radio programmers were not mistaken!

A dozen big Spotify editorial playlists (« Volume France », « French noise », « All new rock », « top of the rock », « rock rising », « Fresh finds rock »…) and more than 145 Radio stations in the world broadcasted the 1st single « So Tired » (France, Canada, Belgium, United States, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Argentina, Scotland, India, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Switzerland)


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