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Here is « Smokescreen« , the new E.P.

5 first tracks for a first chapter that starts the roadtrip(-tyque).

At the end, 3 E.P which will form « One day out of the cave » the complete album to be released at the end of 2022.

The first 3 tracks « Thirteen« , « How Much » and « Just a little more » have started their radio trip around the world since they have already been broadcasted on more than 215 radios (110 in France and 105 in 25 different countries) : Belgium, Usa, Australia, Norway, Italy, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, England, Scotland, Wales, Colombia, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Malta, Seychelles, Switzerland, Holland, Philippines, Greece, Cyprus …

These titles are also included in several Editorial Playlists: « Frog N Roll », « Au Calme », « All New Rock », « Volume France » and have accumulated more than 200,000 listens on Spotify.

And the first 3 clips have already accumulated 100.00 views on YouTube.

JEKYLL WOOD [thirteen] visuel pochette DEF petit

1. « Thirteen » IS A VERTIGO

A first jump. In the void. The beginning of an inner road-trip, an electro-acoustic journey in an intimate world. At the borders of rock and progressive pop. Everything seems limpid. It is only an illusion. Behind this apparent fluidity, a subtle virtuosity smells. Folk sounds reminiscent of Steven Wilson, Ben Howard or Keziah Jones and a goldsmith’s work on the arrangements that are now his fingerprint.

Visuel How much def logo + clair petit

2. « How much » IS A QUESTION

A question asked in silence. What remains of the thought once spoken?
What remains of the emotion once written? What is left of oneself? Welcome to episode 2 of the journey. A purified moment in a hyperconnected world. At the crossroads of folktronica and bubble pop, we wrap ourselves in a fragile and melancholic softness with folk sounds reminiscent of Bon Iver or Radiohead.

JALM petit

3. « Just a little more » IS A SHOUT

A cry that sounds like a call for help. Like an obvious need, a need of life, a need of the other. Here we are plunged into a 3rd sequence more electro-rock: raw, mechanical, implacable. Between vintage rock and modern blues, we let the electric guitars tear the canvas to better reveal an overflowing energy and a melancholic tension evoking the Black Keys, Lenny Kravitz or Artic Monkeys.

JEKYLL WOOD [Not Me] visuel def petit

4. « Not me » IS AN ADMISSION

A confession of ignorance. A confession that makes us worship images as idols. We can see them, but they are not. An aesthetic, graceful, delicate chapter 4, a folk ballad evoking Sting, Tamino or Radiohead and an impressive work on the sound textures.

FDL 3000 petit

 5. « Friends don’t lie » IS A REFUSAL

The refusal of a lie. A confrontation with the illusions that lull us. A crossing of the mirror. A dive in oneself. Behind the smoke screen. Serene and minimalist, this fifth part flirts with the universe of Gorillaz, Dire Straits or Pink Floyd.